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House Plants and Tin Ceilings: Overlooked Interior Design Trends

Any type of advice found online, whether that’s for painting a picture, building a shelf, or getting into shape, tends to focus on the negatives; what not to do in any given scenario. Unfortunately, this approach can alienate people who like to go about things a little differently than an overcautious, self-proclaimed expert might. That’s not to say there aren’t some golden rules that never change but, sometimes, it’s nice to try something new, different, or more suitable for one particular person.

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Interior design is one of the more personal undertakings in life. If that hallway or kitchen doesn’t suit your preferences right down to the proverbial T, it’s going to be a factor in your days until it’s redone. Plenty of experts recommend following modern trends but, also, decorating a living space to reflect a personality. Inevitably, this approach might mean bending a few rules and committing a design faux pas or two but there’s still plenty of appeal in something truly unique.

Of course, there’s a downside to the previous approach. When it comes to decorating and trying sell a property, personal touches are usually considered a negative aspect of interior design. However, GetAgent found that redecorating can add up to 5% to the value of your home, provided that you make the right design choices. If you do make bold design choices that risk polarising people, make sure you live in the house long enough to enjoy the features you’ve added.

Maximalism over Minimalism

For now, let’s stick with the idea that houses should be homes and not just showplaces for potential suitors. What overlooked interior design trends could make your rooms genuinely special?

Arguably, the very first place to start is with planning. It’s too easy to go from finding a nice wallpaper design to almost immediately putting it on the walls. Professionals like to stretch the earliest decorating phases out to accommodate elements like mood boards, which are small collections of paints, wallpapers, fabrics, carpets, tiles, and other things. A mood board can help novice decorators make bold decisions like whether to reupholster furniture or buy something new altogether.

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Take your time with paint, too. While your first inclination might be to cover doors, doorframes, ceilings, and skirting boards with white gloss, this is an out-of-date idea. Note that paint can be used to extend or shorten rooms or bring ceilings down. Of course, this is an illusion but darker colours especially can have an almost magical effect on how a room ‘feels’. You can also forget about limiting paints to one or two colours. Three paints in one room is definitely an in-fashion trend.

Messy people, rejoice. Maximalism is also something that designers like to see. Decorating a finished room with houseplants, cushions, throws, and woven baskets is a popular trend at present, as are brass fittings and tin ceilings (yes, really). Those latter two elements apply more if they are original features rather than something to buy brand new but the end of stainless steel, minimalism and other sterilising features will be long overdue for decorators who tend to leave their stuff on display.

In summary, it’s time to break all the rules.

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