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Wanda Tattoo by Jimmie Martin Interior Design

Design studio Jimmie Martin transformed Wanda Tattoo into a parlour that works as an extension of the owner’s bold personality and artistic flare.

Instead of the classic heavy metal style tattoo parlour, design studio Jimmie Martin wanted to create a space that reflected owner Wanda’s personality. They wanted to create a space that embodied the essence of an eclectic art gallery or a sumptuous boutique hotel rather than the standard a place to get inked; a special space for Wanda.

The Queens-guard, decorated in a spectrum of colours, stands at the entrance welcoming guests with a comical silence. In the reception area daring punk inspired pieces of furniture, bespoke made in the Jimmie Martin London workshop, are framed by the dark and sophisticated space.

Traditional elements are juxtaposed by graffiti patterns and pop culture icons. The obsidian black walls are punctuated by blocks of colour; purple into pink, pink into orange.

Clever use of lighting leads you through the property. On the ground floor, traditional glass chandeliers have been edited to make them more minimal, accessorised with Edison industrial light bulbs, pulling the regency style into the 21st century. They aluminate with a soft warm glow which doesn’t overwhelm the environment.

While down the beautiful spiral staircase, sleek modern LED lights run down the room with a futuristic repetitiveness, enhanced by coloured reflective metallic surfaces, giving the feeling of a laboratory; this is where the tattoo magic happens. The studio chairs are lined up like a hair salon from the Sixties, overlooked by a skate boarding Naughty Angel statue, a Jimmie Martin classic.


Rebekah Killigrewhttp://www.rebekahkilligrew.com
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