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Compliment your projects with Focus Lighting

The discipline of lighting is uniquely situated at the intersection of art and science, which can make it difficult for architects an interior designer to successfully integrate it into their designs. It is because of this; many clients seek Focus Lighting’s expertise to ensure that the lighting of a project compliments the beauty of the physical space.

Focus Lighting is one of an award-winning professional architectural lighting design firm. They are located in New York City and since 1987, they have created unique and successful lighting design solutions for project of all sizes, including hotels, resorts, retail, restaurants, museums, nightclubs, offices, and private residences around the world.

Focus Lighting
Focus Lighting

The Focus team’s creative process is informed by combining our varied experience in theatre, architecture, and design. Together, they generate projects that evoke an emotion with light which helps engage our audience. They believe that light and its effect on an environment are essential to the human experience. Light brings a sense of drama and excitement to each of their projects and as they begin once again to gather and share experiences, they’re so excited to continue using light as a tool to make all those spaces that bring us together as beautiful and welcoming as possible.


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