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My Icon By Charlotte Brett, Rooted Interiors

Rooted Interiors are part of a new wave of design studios that are standing out for their integrity in both their work and life values.

Rooted Interiors design commercial and residential spaces to create an impact, forging environments that are inclusive, diverse and sustainable. Here, Creative Director, Charlotte Brett, reflects on a historical icon whose simplicity in design remains relevant today.

“One of my icons has got to be Lucian Ercolani, the furniture designer and founder of the furniture brand Ercol. This company is one of a kind; it was started by a modern furniture maker with the dream to create honest furniture for all, and it’s still going strong today. The sleek, clean lines on every piece of his collection, I mean, these are truly things that last a lifetime.

The importance and influence of the company on British design and culture cannot be overstated. It has been an innovator and industry leader since it was founded in 1920. By speeding up the production process, Ercolani managed to revolutionise the industry. Their mass production system allowed for up to 2000 chairs a week to be produced. They were seen as revolutionary and households in the 1960s embraced the Scandinavian style, purchasing these famous Windsor chairs by the millions.

I know this might come as a surprise, coming from a commercial Interior Designer but when I was asked to reflect on an iconic figure, all I could think of was those amazing days at my grandparents’ house when I was younger and I would just sit and admire their furniture, especially Grandma’s Coffee table which coincidentally we have in our home today. When I was old enough to begin collecting furniture I knew exactly what I wanted and I wanted Mid-Century furniture. I just loved the lines and the sleekness of it. It’s not the easiest to find but if you are looking you can find it! I have searched through tons and tons of sites to find my favourite pieces, I just love the clean and timeless feel of the furniture.

I do believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Our designs aim for clean and minimal but must admit it isn’t always easy to achieve. The influence of modern Scandinavian style comes through in our projects and our Brickwood Coffee store in Battersea Rise, London is no exception. Its clean lines and fresh colour palette lures you in with its simplistic beauty. At ROOTED; we aim to make every design as simple as possible. We don’t like having more elements than we need.

Simplicity has a way of bringing us back to the basics and that’s precisely what Ercol delivers and achieves in every single piece of furniture that they make. When it comes to interior design, this is something I’ve always believed and if there’s one thing I’d like us to be remembered for, it would be simplicity — of design and purpose.”

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