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Dublin Apartment by Kris Turnbull Studios

Kris Turnbull Studios renovated an apartment in Dublin into a beautifully eclectic space featuring timeless furnishings and bespoke furniture.

Overlooking the grand canal in Dublin sits a Georgian flat that has been brought back to life by Kris Turnbull Studios, the Belfast-based designers who specialise in residential projects around the globe.

Briefed by the client with a tear-sheet of a magazine cover and the desire for a Parisian apartment vibe with a twist of mid-century, the studio set to work transforming this charming city pad.

We caught up with studio Founder Kris Turnbull to find out more about the contemporary interior scheme, the use of materials, and the bespoke furniture that all came together to create a playful yet timeless design.

Can you tell us about the property and where this project began?

I have worked with this client for many years, and have designed their Georgian period country home in the North. This apartment is their escape to the city, their pied a tête to meet friends and enjoy Dublin’s night life and a ray of restaurants and culture.

The property is a Georgian town house, original in period, set on the Canal in Dublin city centre. Over the years, the town house has been converted into apartments with each apartment taking a floor of the original house. When we first visited the apartment, it was in very bad condition and run down with virtually no original features left. It took a lot of creative immigration to foresee the potential of this special place. This apartment is a one-bedroom apartment approximately 850 sq feet. The clients give me mostly free rein, a tear-away of the front cover of Elle Decor and a design brief of a Parisian apartment vibe with a twist of mid-century was enough for my creative juices to flow.

This apartment is a much-loved project of mine personally as it very much reflects my personal home with similar energy and atmosphere. I travel a lot with clients and projects around the world, so pulling inspirations form different cultures, periods in architecture and styling was a pleasure. The task was to bring back the Georgian flavour with the period of the building with interior influences from London and Paris in the mid-century and period times.

How do you approach a project of this nature?

When approaching this kind of extreme make over, it is important to design it in a holistic manner, considering all aspects of the project right down to the last handle on the door. This gives you a master plan, something to aim for and when your property is at the point of looking much worst, before it gets better, it helps you to hold onto the big picture! When starting this kind of project, a master plan allows the elements of the job to be completed in the right order and builds a brilliant story. It is ok to take your time with the project, it’s a big investment so get it right from the start.

Can you talk about the use of materials throughout?

This apartment is like a baby tiger with a big roar! The lobby was designed with overcalled geometric marble design in three finishes book matching into the bathroom, extending the space and leading you into the other areas. A strong statement complimented with an antique glass mirrored wall set in panels with brass rosettes giving a nod to the Parisian fleur.

The bathroom is with period style sanitary-ware in brass with brushed gold shower framing and rippled glass panels giving privacy when required. A regency style vanity unit hand painted in midnight blue, gold leaf highlights and brass handles. In the drawing room, the big challenge was to deliver a functional space but still with that glamourous vibe. This room was to become a lounge with TV, dining room &kitchenette. To circulate comfortably and not feel cramped!  This took more than a few design concepts to make it right! The final design and furnishing pieces work incredibly well, the curved sofa upholstered in Pierre Frey with décor cushions by Hermes softens the space, added a touch of glamour and class and allows for a subtle zoning of the room.

The feature fire place with bespoke two-way mirrored glass and painted frame work housing the television in a period over mantle style give the space the function without compromising the aesthetic of the room. The dining area featured a hammered brass table base in a shagreen design with over scaled burnt oak top and one of designed dining chairs made to measure featuring a mohair and geometric upholstery.

What was the most challenging part about this project?

Trying to make the apartment larger than life, by the use bespoke mirrors, wall panelling and oversized furnishings makes the spaces of the apartments feel bigger than they actually are. The large mirrors will help reflect lights, giving the illusion of more space whilst light paint colours brighten up the rooms. We avoided accent walls so there are no visual breaks so you can focus on the brevity of the space.

How would you describe this project in three words?

Vibrant, eclectic and mid-century.

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