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Monday, December 11, 2023

Electric vibes from Ultraheat’s heated towel rail range

Heated towel rails have undergone a design revolution. Ultraheat is proud to present its range of electric towel rails that can be installed without needing to be connected to a central heating system. All you need is a standard electrical socket nearby and you are ready to go. The rails are filled with a heat transfer liquid, which warms up when the power is switched on. Ideal for restricted spaces and awkward installation sites, such as en suites, cloakrooms, conservatories, flats and listed buildings.

Eleven beautiful designs come together to make up Ultraheat’s stunning collection of electric heated towel rails, all painstakingly crafted and fitted with a 3-bar safety method to prevent high pressure building up inside. The range has excellent in-stock availability and comes in stainless steel and mild steel models with different colours and finishes.

Your room will have never looked so good, nor your towels felt so cosy and warm. Tactile design meets innovative performance and easy installation. Check out the brand new Ultraheat electric towel rail catalogue, available to download for free at www.ultraheat.co.uk

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