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Naturally Filtered with Briiv

A new take on the air purifier, Briiv utilizes renewable and natural materials, filtering your air via an innovative system.

Briiv’s filters of moss, coconut and a bespoke nano-matrix effectively remove pollutants from your air. Made of 90% natural materials, smart device compatible, and monitors filter usage. Through a careful design and selection of materials, Briiv has eliminated the use of plastics or glues, setting it apart from other filter media that add to landfill and harm our earth and environment.

Briiv uses 3-layer filtration system made up from 78% natural and biodegradable materials eliminating the use or need for plastic. The moss filter is a preserved reindeer moss which is ethically sourced and picked. The coconut filter uses waste products of coconut harvesting and natural latex to combine the fibres. The nano-matrix filter utilises activated carbon and nanofibers to remove to perform at a HEPA standard. The purchase of one Briiv unit saves approximately 16kg of plastic from going to landfill, and plants one tree through the company policy.

www.briiv.co.uk | IG: @briiv.natural

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