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WeWantMore transform optical dispensary into a future proof vision

Sustainability takes centre stage with WeWantMore’s Op ‘t Oog contemporary optical dispensary.

WeWantMore has revealed their the design details for Op ‘t Oog, an optical dispensary in Belgium. 

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849

WeWantMore is an Antwerp-based, award-winning design studio that works across Europe and beyond. Its strong design thinking uses authentic storytelling across two disciplines at the highest level: its branding and interior design practices create inspiring projects that challenge the status quo.

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849

Op ‘t Oog is a start-up with sustainability at its core. The brief was to also embed this philosophy in the interior design. After seeing The Mush Room, the bar WeWantMore made entirely out of mycelium for HIX 2022, the optician had a very clear goal: to carefully select the materials for its new store based on sustainability  — just like they do when selecting eyewear collections – all while creating a warm atmosphere that truly reflects the company’s personal approach.

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849

WeWantMore collaborated with Blast studio in London to create two out-of-this-world columns. These columns are 3D printed out of recycled paper coffee cups sourced from the streets of London. This solid paper structure serves as the base for the mycelium skin to grow onto.

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849

Leading the charge of sustainability progress in the optical business world, from all directions, the major issues of display and storage, lighting, customer experience and store identity that challenge most retail environments have been elegantly addressed by WeWantMore at Op ‘t Oog, where the interior design allows the sustainability to shine, and working elements are durable, sustainably sourced and multipurpose.

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849

“We’re testing the possibilities of integrating future materials like mycelium into an actual retail environment.” comments WeWantMore Founder Ruud Belmans.

The cellulose acetate plates from the display wall are mesmerizingly handmade by the Italian company Mazzucchelli 1849. And a subtle nod to the material used in eyewear.

W: wewantmore.studio | IG: @wewantmore.studio

Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849
Op ‘t Oog by WeWantMore | © Mazzucchelli 1849


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