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Vicaima Group builds for the future

Vicaima Group shares its strategy, practices and objectives within the scope of the ESG criteria, and its alignment with the 2030 United Nations (UN) Agenda.

Driven by the motto “Together We Build the Future”, Vicaima Group has just presented the sustainability strategy that will guide the Group’s performance until 2026.

With a transversal approach and integrated ESG criteria, Vicaima Group  is reinforcing its responsibility and ambition to continually reduce the impact of its activity, as well as contributing to a more sustainable construction industry in favour of a better planet.

Focusing on transparency and the involvement of all stakeholders in this important mission, the Vicaima Group shares its strategy, implemented practices and goals within the scope of the ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria, as well as its alignment with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), aimed at developing sustainable, transparent and socially responsible business.

In the words of Arlindo da Costa Leite, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Vicaima Group, “we’re making a long-term commitment which reflects our desire to integrate and ensure the alignment of the Vicaima Group’s strategy with the sustainable development agenda. We see this moment as an important and transformative milestone for our business, and it’s not merely meant to be a simple description of initiatives, goals, objectives or wishes.”

The reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the adoption of circular economy principles, along with the optimisation of materials and resources, minimising waste and residues, are now seen by the Vicaima Group as key innovation catalysts, based on a production model with a strategy to create value with responsibility.

Significant reduction in emissions led to increased efficiency

In 2022, the Vicaima Group achieved a 15 % reduction in the tCO₂e/sales emissions index, reflecting an absolute decrease of 578 tCO₂e, despite the increase in production volume.

These figures are the result of the implementation of energy efficiency projects and other specific initiatives aimed at reducing GHG emissions, such as investment in more efficient production equipment, production of renewable energy for self-consumption or focus on electric mobility.

All these policies and activities are part of a holistic perspective for the Organisation, based, according to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, on a “growth strategy founded on a path of innovation and differentiation, seeking a balanced social, environmental and economic dimension”.

Four foundation pillars of an ongoing strategy

The Vicaima Group has identified four fundamental pillars in its strategy for integrating ESG issues into its business: People and Community, Climate Action, Sustainable and Innovative Products and Responsible Business. These aspects represent the Group’s focus and represent the relevant material topics in the ESG sphere resulting from a consultation process with internal stakeholders and from the definition of the Materiality Matrix.

Based on its own projects and the association with partner organisations, the Vicaima Group has been reinforcing its commitment to solidarity, environmental, safety, health and well-being initiatives, as well as to valuing Human Capital. In this last sphere, it is worth highlighting the implementation of several projects aimed at qualifying and diversifying employees’ skills, as well as synergies with the educational and academic world, with a view to promoting and enhancing youth employment.

These are priorities reflecting the Vicaima Group’s identity, given that, as Arlindo da Costa Leite points out, “our path is based on a strong corporate integrity, entrepreneurship, rigour, innovation and social commitment, translating into a combination of human capital and business development”.

The art of transforming and adding value to wood

“The Vicaima Group, with a proficiency spanning more than 60 years, has always been strongly committed to the innovation and development of efficient market solutions. This vision stands in unison with the sustainable use of wood, which is at the heart of our existence,” notes Arlindo da Costa Leite.

Currently, the Vicaima Group is amongst the largest private economic groups in Portugal, operating in over 36 markets worldwide and with a direct presence in Spain and the United Kingdom. Employing more than 800 people, it continuously strives to strengthen its commitment to technology, organisation, human resources and the environment.

The Vicaima Group’s 2022 Sustainability Report is available to view in full at https://www.vicaima.com/en-gb/sustainability#inicio 

W: vicaima.com

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