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Kinedo launches stunning new Kinewall panels

Kinedo’s stunning new collection offers a variety of design-led wall panels to transform bathroom and utility spaces.

Kinewall by Kinedo is no ordinary panel; it’s a fantastic new range of decorative bathroom wall panels that can transform not just a shower space, but a whole bathroom, cloakroom or utility room. Offering a revolution in materials, a revelation in designs and a remarkably simple installation process, Kinewall offers an abundance of choice to create the perfect bathroom.


There are 70 unique patterns, styles and colours in the range broken down into categories including:

  • Minerals and metals
  • Nature
  • Patterns and geometric
  • Wood

If a customer is looking for a specific design for their space, there are several options available to bring their vision to life. Whether they prefer an industrial chic, classy panelling, a natural look or an eclectic design, single pattern panels can be used to offer consistency in style, or panels can be mixed and matched to suit their preference. Half and half style works particularly well with this panelling option.

Blue Geometric

The panels are available in six different sizes: 1000 x 2020, 1250 x 2020, 1500 x 2020, and 1000 x 2500mm, 1250 x 2500, 1500 x 2500, making it possible to accommodate almost any space. These panels are made from high-quality materials and are easy to install. They can be cut to the required size on site thanks to their innovative composition of polyethylene core with an aluminium layer on either side.

Banana Trees

They are manufactured in France by Kinedo and are exceptional in terms of quality and thermal properties. They are also lightweight, at just 11kg, and easy to handle, making them ideal for installers. These panels are easy to clean and maintain and can be specified with or without profiles depending on the consumer’s preference.

Mixed design – Exotica and green panelling

Kinedo has partnered with Ideal Bathrooms to ensure that popular sizes and colour options of their Kinewall product are readily available. Ideal Bathrooms has a vast experience in supplying high-quality bathroom products to a growing retail network across the UK, making them well-suited to manage Kinewall’s supply. They will keep 21 designs of the most commonly used panel size (1500 x 2500) in stock, and these will be available for delivery the following day. The remaining designs will be available upon order, with a lead time of four weeks.

Mixed design of exotica and vertical wood

Will Hickman, Sales & Marketing Director of Ideal Bathrooms, is very excited about the potential of the Kinewall range: “We are excited to announce that we have added a new range of innovative and design-led shower panels to our product portfolio and are pleased to have reached an agreement to distribute these throughout the UK. We are confident that this new range of shower panels will be a hit with our customers, and we have already installed eye-catching displays in showrooms across the country to showcase the range to the trade and consumers alike”

Amanda Mills is Marketing Manager for Kinedo and has overseen the launch plans and the production of a range of support materials for the showrooms, sales teams and merchant. Amanada says, “Kinewall is a wonderful addition to the Kinedo product range. It really is an exceptional product that enhances the shower wall concept and offers additional features and benefits. As well as an unmatched selection of patterns, colours and styles, the tried and tested panels are completely resistant to chemicals, scratches and corrosion. Kinewall is a lightweight, yet inherently strong and durable solution thanks to the innovative manufacturing process”.

Manufactured in France to the highest European quality standards, the Kinewall range has a 10-year warranty offering peace of mind to consumers and looks set to make a huge impact on the bathroom market.


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