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Steel solutions: high performance steel windows and doors

Crittall Windows’ quality steel windows and doors offer designers a stunning yet high performing solution for any project.

For almost 200 years, Crittall Windows has been manufacturing and installing premium steel windows and doors for hundreds of refurbishments and new build projects across the world.

By perfectly combining the traditional steel window aesthetic with modern performance, Crittall Windows’ steel windows and doors are unlike anything on the market and make an incredible addition to various contemporary, commercial or residential buildings.

Crittall Windows internal screen

Common misconceptions surrounding steel windows and doors 

Although steel windows and doors are a historical building material that have been on the scene for centuries, the quality and performance of these products has been heavily criticised over the years.

Determined to uncover the truth about modern steel windows and doors, Crittall Windows has worked tirelessly to revolutionise their product offering to guarantee they not only look fantastic but also perform exceptionally well.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding steel windows and doors is that they’re cold, draughty and would fail to keep properties well insulated during the colder months. However, this isn’t the case as Russell Ager, MD of Crittall Windows, explains.

“Thanks to incredible advances in window technology, a traditional steel window manufactured at our headquarters can deliver excellent thermal insulation properties that rival other window materials.

“Our most popular steel windows and doors feature an effective weather-seal and innovative technology that, when combined with either double or triple glazing, the products are thermally efficient and comply with Approved Document L of the UK Building Regulations.

Russell Ager, Managing Director, Crittall Windows

Redefine spaces with internal steel screens

Another fantastic development of steel windows and doors means they are no longer used exclusively for the outside of properties. In fact, when linked these products make fantastic internal screens helping designers to create more privacy and sound proofing within open plan areas.

“At Crittall Windows, we’ve seen a big rise in demand for internal screens as homeowners and designers alike are looking for a seamless way to divide various indoor areas without reducing the amount of natural light flowing through the space,” adds Russell.

“The slender steel frames and large expanses of glass maintain a sense of openness, while visually defining certain areas within the property. Internal screens are an incredible solution for achieving a modern and functional layout without sacrificing the spaciousness of an open plan space.”

Crittall Windows – Forest Drive project

Timeless style and lasting value guaranteed

As a steel window and door manufacturer, Crittall Windows takes pride in offering a range of high-quality products that perfectly combine traditional style with modern performance, as Russell explains.

“Steel windows and doors are renowned for their unbeatable strength and slim frame design. While we understood developments were needed to improve performance, we wanted to maintain the incredible aesthetic appeal synonymous with steel glazing products.

“Today, a premium steel window or door will remain true to the original design featuring slimmer profiles, but will also deliver incredible performance, last a lifetime and come in various sizes, styles and colours.

“Our products also keep homes well protected against unwanted intruders thanks to the multi-point locking systems which have been tested to the Enhanced Security PAS 24 standard.”

www.crittall-windows.co.uk | IG: @Crittall_windows_uk

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