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Graphenstone takes a revolutionary approach to interior spaces

With such a wide choice of paint brands available today, it is hard to keep up with who offers the best quality finishes. Other key factors include colour options, durability, ease of application, not to mention more challenging technical aspects often required by projects.

Graphenstone has grown in popularity with design professionals thanks to its unique range of purifying paints, which are ‘best in class’. Its paints actively help to purify the air in interior spaces. This ‘third dimension’ offering decarbonising capabilities, has driven a steep rise in demand for its products, as those in the industry move towards specifying ‘responsible’ and more meaningful products. Its lime-based paints actively absorb CO2 (the majority during the first 30 days after application) and so helps foster a healthier living experience.

Featuring graphene, one of the most robust materials on the planet, Graphenstone paints also combat daily wear and tear, which is perfect for future-proofing projects such as entertainment spaces or commercial projects.

With over 1000 highly pigmented colours and a new co-branded range of heritage paint colours developed in a unique collaboration with the world-renowned Ashmolean museum, there is something to suit every emotion a designer might wish to convey.

By combining innovation with traditional minerals and sustainably sourced raw materials, Graphenstone is championing a sustainable shift across the entire paints industry.

graphenstone-ecopaints.store | IG: @graphenstonepaintsuk

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