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Torc Pots create designs to last a lifetime

Torc sculpt everything by hand from their studio in the British Isles creating beautiful pots and planters; their one-off designs are beautifully crafted and made to last a lifetime. They make unique distinctive statements for both home and commercial settings. 

New Torc offerings inlcude their waterbowls and firetables, which can be made to any design required. Working alongside a talented team of artisans this family run business really specializes in textures, scale and bespoke design.

The design side of the business is well worth considering with landscape architects and garden designers appreciating the wealth of expertise this company has to offer. Torc are often commissioned to provide planter designs and outdoor furniture for both commercial and residential spaces.

When surrounded by so much that is mass produced there is a real appreciation for hand-crafted objects created out of organic materials, which appeal to our senses. Torc shape their objects by hand, layer by layer, enhanced by texture and finish until they take on their own unique form and, because of this, no two pots are ever quite the same.

Torc use various products to reduce their carbon footprint such as recycled glass and bi products of the steel and power industries – reusing waste! The addition of these materials increases the overall strength of the product, decreases permeability and therefore water requirement.

www.torcpots.com | IG: @torc_pots

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