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Smooth Succession for JOI-DESIGN

Left to right: Barbara Wiethoff + Peter Joehnk + Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk + Sabrina Voecks + Thomas Scholz | Photo credit Jenner Egberts

JOI-DESIGN management transfers from Corinna Krestchmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk to Sabrina Voecks, Barbara Wiethoff and Thomas Scholz.

The multi-award-winning interior architecture studio JOI-Design has celebrated two significant milestones in its history. On 24 April, the company not only honoured its 21st anniversary as an exciting entrepreneurial business adventure, it also made its future path official by announcing a succession strategy that has been carefully planned for several years. Managing directors Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk opted for a handover to leaders within the current team, thereby preserving the studio’s design culture while ensuring business continuity.

Photo credit Jenner Egberts

For observant members of the design community, this announcement won’t come as much of a surprise. For several years, the founders had been thinking about passing the baton to new management and, in the meantime, also promoted some especially promising team members. Sabrina Voecks, Barbara Wiethoff and Thomas Scholz clearly won over their mentors and will now lead the management of JOI-Design on their own.

For Peter Joehnk, it was time to take a step back. “Design is alive, it’s always in motion,” he says. “Our approach has always been based on the dynamics of change: to keep up with the zeitgeist and serve our partners in the best possible way. A company is also alive and needs to evolve. It’s time to put the responsibility into younger hands.”

Corinna Kretschma -Joehnk ( Founder JOI-Design) – Oliver Stass (Accor Hotels / Cluster Manager Überseequartier) | Photo credit Jenner Egberts

However, there were several options for transferring the company – a simple sale, or new management from the outside – but the co-founders opted for an internal solution. For Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, this was a natural decision. “We found the right people. Where did we find them? Right at our side, within the JOI-Design family itself,” she explains.

“Sabrina, Barbara and Thomas have helped us make JOI-Design a success for many years,” says Peter.  “They have mastered our company’s philosophy, principles and processes as well as we have.”

Corinna is firmly convinced, saying, “With their competence and talent, their leadership will ensure business continuity and continue serving our project partners’ brands in the best possible way.”

Peter and Corinna will retain advisory roles as the three new managers continue familiarising themselves with their increased responsibilities. The trio is approaching their next challenges with confidence.

Anett Gregorius (Apartment Service) + Tina Morgenstern (Rotonda Business Club) + Gesa Rohwedder (Drees& Sommer) | Photo credit Jenner Egberts

For Sabrina Voecks, this is certain. “Continuing JOI-Design’s success story is an exciting challenge,” she says. “We will build on the team’s dedication and talent as we continue forging a path in luxurious interior design. Together with them and our partners, we will pursue an innovative strategic plan to stay true to the spirit of JOI-Design: a design by people for people, conscious of values and taking responsibility.”

JOI-Design has made a name for itself in the interior design of luxury hotels. It has also built a history that has turned into a legacy that deserves to carry on. For Barbara Wiethoff, one thing is clear. “We will live up to this great story of passion, design and creativity,” she says. “To be continued… receiving Peter and Corinna’s trust fills us with great pride. They’ve given us more than confidence – they’ve given us the key principles of a clear design philosophy that we will continue to celebrate.”

For Thomas Scholz, too, the key word in this succession is “continuity”. “It is a great honour to be entrusted with the management of such a special and respected company as JOI-Design. The benefit of such a smooth succession is that our customers and partners won’t feel any decreases in service and can legitimately expect to enjoy the same quality of work,” he concludes.
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