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Hamilton’s Paintables: Perfect Match!

Hamilton Litestat‘s Paintable range offers a stylish solution for those looking to integrate their electrical accessories seamlessly into their interior design. This innovative product line allows customers to customize their switch plates, sockets, and other electrical fittings to match any RAL colour, ensuring a perfect blend with the decor.

The Paintable range is designed with flexibility and personalization in mind. It provides a blank canvas, enabling homeowners, interior designers, and decorators to apply their preferred paint finish directly onto the product, alternatively it can be powder coated by our in-house spray shop. This customisation option ensures that electrical fittings do not stand out but instead seamlessly blend into the wall colour or design theme.

One of the standout features of Hamilton’s paintable range is its smooth durable finish. The plates are treated with a powder coating matching the specified RAL colour, making the paintable range particularly suitable for high-traffic areas and environments where wear and tear are a concern.

RAL colour matching is another key feature that sets the range apart. RAL is a colour matching system used in Europe that defines colours for paint, coatings, and plastics. Hamilton allows customers to select any RAL colour code, ensuring a perfect match with existing or planned decor schemes. This flexibility empowers customers to achieve a cohesive look throughout their living or working spaces.

The Paintable range is available across various CFX collections, including Hartland CFX and Sheer CFX. Product lines, include switches, sockets, dimmers, and euro plates, ensuring that all electrical fittings can be harmoniously integrated into the interior design. This comprehensive range makes it easier for designers and homeowners to maintain consistency and style throughout the home or commercial space.

In conclusion, Hamilton’s paintable range offers a customisable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solution for integrating electrical fittings into any interior design. With the ability to match any RAL colour and the durability of powder coating, these products provide both style and functionality, ensuring that the finished look of any room remains pristine and coordinated for years to come.

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