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Specifying paint for sustainable success

Graphenstone is urging designers to be vigilant in protecting their paint specifications, a crucial step in ensuring the integrity of their design vision.

Paint is a key design element for any designer. When used on several surfaces, including doors, detailing window frames, and even external decor, paint often accounts for a large proportion of an overall scheme.

With designers increasingly prioritising the sustainability and wellbeing of interior environments over usual design decisions such as colour and finish, it is essential to ensure that sustainable product specifications remain the same from the start of the project through to the end. This is particularly important when the product plays a very technical role, as is the case with Graphenstone’s purifying paint ranges, which actively help to ‘purify’ the air in the atmosphere by absorbing surrounding CO2 as they cure (the majority in the first 30 days following application).

Decorators and subcontractors can often swap out specified products for those they believe to be ‘similar’ for ones that may appear cheaper, unaware of the impact this decision can have on elements such as material health, product circularity, cleaner air, and environmental protection. Educating contractors about marginal increases in cost over other value benefits including meeting ESG goals, carbon savings, and a reduction of Scope 3 emissions is essential.

Designers also love that Graphenstone’s graphene-infused, natural mineral paint formulations offer enhanced durability, high levels of pigmentation, mould prevention, superior washability and increased coverage levels.

Remember to cite Graphenstone’s ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certification when drafting your design specification, ensuring that the original intent and integrity of the designer’s vision are maintained from the start to the end of the process.

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