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Keep cosy for winter

Electric underfloor heating is the perfect way to ensure overall warmth throughout a client’s home.  Three options available from demista are Cosyfloor™, Ecofloor and Ecomat, each product designed for specific areas of the home.  Cosyfloor™ and Ecofloor can be used in every room, including areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where water may be spilt, Ecomat can only be installed in “dry” areas such as bedrooms, sitting rooms and hallways. Why choose underfloor heating?  Because it is unobtrusive, there is no waste of space with unsightly radiators and provides a gentle overall warmth to the home without any “hot spots” so often found around radiators or air vents. Temperature can be controlled with the use of  thermostats and timers and the system is manufactured to meet all safety standards and is  maintenance free.


For more information telephone 01932 866600, email rd@demista.co.uk or visit www.cosyfloor.co.uk or www.demista.co.uk


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