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Urbanised nature from Finsa


Spanish wood based panels producer Finsa showcased their Trendbook 2015-2016, designed in collaboration with London-based design consultants Colour Hive (formerly Global Colour Research), at the Surface Design Show in 2016. The Trendbook comprised four carefully identified key trends, which served as guidelines for Finsa’s new decorative range. The themes included; Embrace, a celebration of texture, a way to escape from the digital buzz; Nurture, encouraging the exploration of nature, drawing us away from our increasingly urbanised lifestyle; Pioneer, shaping our future landscape and bluring the lines between physical and digital experiences, and finally, Construct, focusing on interiors, decoration and the use of materials, which are designed to stand the test of time. After being introduced to the key trends, visitors were taken through a dark tunnel built in the stand where they could interact with four sensorial installations, each experience reflecting a different trend. Visitors were invited to connect with nature by creating landscapes with sand, to illuminate a wall panel made of 3D pyramids just by moving their hands, to experiment with blocks on an interactive surface to see how different materials and colours would look in a real room, and to press a textile surface and experience how its design changed with pressure. Finsa UK will launch the Trendbook 2017 18 in the next few months. This year at the Surface Design Show Finsa will be showcasing Nude texture, the new texture inspired by leather included in the Gama Duo range of melamines, and Finsa GreenPanel, a highly resistant ultralight board, consisting of faces and core of thin MDF arranged like a grid.


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