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Designer turns plastic waste into furniture

A British-based designer, has been turning plastic waste from the ocean into furniture. The furniture collection will be at Design Miami/Basel 2022.

Yasmine Mahmoudieh has recycled plastic waste from the ocean. By turning the plastic into an innovative 3D-printed furniture collection.
Mahmoudieh, an award-winning architect and interior designer, is displaying her latest project, ‘Flowniversum’. Which combines the idea of the ‘flow of life’ and the ‘universe’. At Design Miami/Basel 2022, it received an amazing reception from the design and art world.
The installation tells the story of a big ocean wave full of plastic bottles. Changing waste into beautiful, 3D-printed objects. In the form of chairs, stools and vases.  
Mahmoudieh, who lives between London and Milan. Has created a wave-like structure that flows around the exhibition space. Allowing for different moods through indirect lighting.
The limited edition Flow Chair will be the centrepiece of the installation. Designed to mimic the organic flow of the human body. The chair is made from recycled PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol). A type of recycled polyester.
Plastic waste into furniture- Flowniversum
Mahmoudieh has launched an edition of 12 Flow Chairs. All designed with ocean-blue colour gradients. A percentage of the sale price will be donated to ocean charities. The original Flow Chair was a finalist in the Urban and Public Design category at the Ro Guiltless Plastic 2022. As part of Milan Design Week earlier this month. 
The 3D-printed Flowniversum Flow Stool is in an edition of 12. Also the 3D-printed Flowniversum Flow Vases, in an unlimited edition. Both using more than one thousand reclaimed plastic bottles.
The project is part of Mahmoudieh’s desire. To turn ocean plastic waste into aesthetically beautiful products. That are at once “functional and ecologically sustainable”. 
Her exhibit also incorporates a screen display. An animated representation of a plastic-filled ocean metamorphosing into beautiful vases.
The Flowniversum Flow Chair is Mahmoudieh’s first furniture piece of a collection. Also with an NFT (non-fungible token), which makes it one of a kind. The NFT ‘stamp’ creates a unique authenticity recorded on the blockchain. At the event, 3D printed vases out of recycled water bottles will be on sale.  
Plastic waste into furniture- Flow Chair
Flow Chair

The inspiration  

“I want to inspire the world. To think of ways that we can transform our plastic waste products into beautiful objects. Turn a threat to our survival into a source of creativity, innovation and a practical solution.” Said Mahmoudieh.
“The ocean wave in Flowniversum represents an innovation in architectural construction. Which has never been printedanywhere in the world in a way that it is structural. Can also be used for architecture, and not only for design. The wave shows a reflection of water through the way I designed it to be curving and moving. The translucency and colour graduation we printed it on. 
“There’s no better place to do this than at Design Miami /Basel, which takes place alongside Art Basel. Getting so many people together in one place makes it much more likely that new ideas and innovations will be created. Also acted upon, and that’s vital if we are to overcome the environmental challenges that face us all.” 


Design Miami/Basel 2022

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