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Zico Lighting Shines at LiGHT23

Zico Lighting received praise from lighting designers at the LiGHT23 show for its exceptional dimming capabilities.

Renowned UK lamp manufacturer Zico – known for its extensive range of high-quality dimmable LED lamps – showcased its products at the LiGHT23 event earlier this November.

As part of their exhibition, the company opted to highlight their dimming and control system, Zico by Anytronics, by connecting it to a selection of their own lamps, spotlights, and LED tape. Set on a 30-second dimming cycle from full brightness to complete shutdown, the light sources could be controlled either via a button switch panel or through a mobile app, showcasing a synchronous dimming effect from 100% to almost zero.

The exhibit drew the attention of lighting professionals in attendance, who praised the lamps for their smooth dimming curve and flicker-free qualities. They also commended Zico by Anytronics for its ease of setup, versatile application, and self-commissioning option, making it a great value offering.

James Miller, the MD of Zico Lighting, said: “We’ve always known the fantastic dimming capabilities of our lamps. Being able to demonstrate this to specialists in the lighting industry and receiving such positive feedback is truly invaluable. Zico Lighting now offers a winning combination of dimming, controls, and light sources that work harmoniously, providing a comprehensive lighting solution suitable for various projects, from residential to hospitality and hotel resorts.”

Zico Lighting is holding a Winter Sale throughout December to encourage everyone to experience their lamps.

W: www.zico.lighting | IG: @zico.lighting

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