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The Culinary Cult of Sub-Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero & Wolf continue to push the boundaries of kitchen apppliance design by fusing precision technology with the finest aesthetics.

The fridge-freezer is the stalwart appliance of every kitchen, silently preserving food and chilling drinks without requiring much thought. Yet the technical innovation contained within them has transformed modern life. And the original pioneer? Sub-Zero & Wolf.

The family-owned American brand was founded in 1945 by Westye Bakke, an engineer from Madison, Wisconsin. He sought to find a means of preserving his son’s insulin to treat his juvenile diabetes, and invented ‘below zero’ refrigeration’ in the process. The first free-standing freezer – and Sub-Zero & Wolf – was born. From introducing dual refrigeration – the original fridge-freezer – in 1955, to creating the first integrated fridge in partnership with celebrated architect Frank Lloyd-Wright, where Sub-Zero & Wolf has led, its competitors have followed.

The brand’s newly redesigned ‘Classic’ refrigeration range is a case in point. Retaining the iconic stainless steel grille, the three models showcase a raft of innovative technological features. A NASA-inspired air purification system (a scaled-down version of the one on the International Space Station) which scrubs the air of Ethylene gas and odour every 20 minutes, slows food spoilage and reduces waste.

Other industry-leading features include dual refrigeration technology, keeping food fresher for 30% longer than other fridges. Clearsight™ LED lighting reduces shadows even when fully stocked, and a sensor reduces brightness by 90% in dim environments. Nano-coated glass shelves with hydrophobic properties stop spillages from spreading, while the touch control panel enables full setting customisation – ‘party mode’ increases ice production by 40%.

The precision technology of the brand’s famed red-knob cookers, meanwhile, provides nuanced temperature control and 100% even heat distribution for the perfectly cooked meal, time after time. As the go-to brand for many professional and TV chefs, the Sub-Zero & Wolf Range Cooker also boasts a remarkable oven capacity. At 144 litres, it offers a vast increase on traditional brands, and its chef-tested modes take the guesswork out of cooking. Dubbed ‘autopilot for your oven’ its ‘Gourmet’ mode automatically controls the process for simplified, perfectly cooked meals, while ‘Convection Roast’, ‘Dehydrate’, ‘Proof’, ‘Bake’ and ‘Stone’ modes cater to a diverse range of recipes.

Up top, Sub-Zero & Wolf dual-stacked, sealed gas burners provide nuanced high-to-low temperature control. With a span of 5.3 kW to as low as 90 W, the burners deliver steady, true simmers and melts as well as fast boils and powerful sears. Flexible configurations include all-burner or the addition of infrared teppanyaki and infrared griddle, perfect for those that love to master a variety of techniques in the kitchen.

Today, the brand’s refrigeration, indoor and alfresco cooking, wine cooling and countertop appliances are a fixture of the world’s finest homes, affording users a world of epicurious possibilities.

Visit Sub-Zero & Wolf’s flagship showroom at 251 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2EP, to explore the full range of appliances.

www.subzero-wolf.co.uk | IG: @subzerowolfuk

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