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Elegant forms

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Chamberlain & Co presents a new hand-crafted collection of luxury ceramics, The Chamberlain Black, to adorn any interior space with charm and lasting elegance.For some design objects words are quite unnecessary; they speak eloquently for themselves. The Chamberlain Black collection of luxury handcrafted ceramics is just such a thing.

Hand made from luxuriant black ceramic, the elegant forms of the Chamberlain Black collection speak of heritage, quality and unmistakable prestige. Crafted and inspired by historic designs, each item in the range is beautifully hand painted with a contemporary twist. The delicate hand-painting and hand-gilding means that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. Each vase or bowl is sublimely intricate; decorated with such absolute care and attention to detail that it would seem almost impossible that such fine detail could be created by hand.

The Chamberlain Black range comprises the Broadway Vase, the Elmley Bowl and the extravagant centrepiece, the magnificent 85cm tall Witley Vase; the glimmering jet black surface of each adorned by graceful hummingbirds descending upon tantalising passionflowers so lifelike that one can almost detect the exotic scent. Highlights of 23 carat gold bring additional lustre to these richly contrasted works of art.

With its simple, refined forms and gorgeous decoration, the Chamberlain Black collection takes ceramics back to the days when ornamental homeware was a status symbol. Each item is not only a spectacular piece of contemporary art, but also an investment for the future. Exquisite. Timeless. Beautiful.

At Chamberlain & Co each item is created using a combination of the oldest conventional techniques and the very latest technical innovations to deliver unsurpassed quality and splendour.

It is a collection inspired by the days when Britain led the world in the production of luxury ceramics, with the Royal Porcelain Works founded by Robert Chamberlain at the forefront. This new Chamberlain and Co. collection features the highest standards of British artistry and craftsmanship with selected items within the collection taking up to 200 hours to complete.

Created without compromise, exquisitely detailed and perfectly finished, the Chamberlain & Co Chamberlain Black collection will take your breath away.

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