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Human-centric lighting

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LUCTRA® recently launched FLEX, its most innovative and eye-catching lamp yet. 
FLEX’s unique design takes human centric task lighting to the next level of personalisation and mobility, by offering a rechargeable, cordless lamp that provides complete freedom to work anywhere without compromising the quality of light.


Available in orange, black, white and aluminium finishes, FLEX can operate as a table lamp or a wall lamp. Its unique angled design is able to support itself securely against a wall or the side of a table by using the height adjustable rubberised protective sleeve. FLEX’s integrated lithium-ion battery is capable of powering the lamp for up to four hours, delivering unrivalled portable human centric lighting.


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The biologically effective light of LUCTRA® is able to closely replicate daylight, with its cold white and warm white LEDS that produce an illuminance of up to 1,000 lux, and an impressive Kelvin level between 2,700K and 6,500K. FLEX’s lamp head can be rotated 180° to provide direct or indirect lighting. With a height of 136cm, the cordless workplace lamp weighs just 2kg, allowing for easy relocation, perfect for when you feel like a change of scene, be it to a desk or to your favourite spot at home.


In addition to its unique portability, FLEX provides the same premium quality and function of the standard models in the LUCTRA® range, including its intelligent VITACORE® electronic system. This interface offers users intuitive access to LUCTRA® functions and the ability to control the brightness and colour of the light by simply placing a finger on the glass touch panel. The biologically effective light of LUCTRA® has been verified by the latest scientific research (available to view at www.luctra.co.uk) and endorsed by Dr Dieter Kunz, an expert in the importance of lighting for health.


LUCTRA® FLEX has already received awards for its innovative functionality and modern minimalist design. It was awarded the ICONIC Award by the German Design Council in November. FLEX will also be displayed at the IMM Cologne from 18-24 January, 2016 in Cologne. The exhibition highlights the latest cutting edge trends in interior design from around the world.







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