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Discover DAM’s special edition of the legendary GAGO chair

The special edition GAGO rocking chair by DAM features a new upholstery, made of colored burel fabric and cork fabric in the natural tone. The chair’s structure remains crafted with solid wood and both fabrics are 100% Portuguese materials, 100% natural, environmentally friendly and durable.

DAM’s special edition GAGO chair

The GAGO chair and the partner called SACADURA pay homage to the first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic realized by the Portuguese Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho in 1922. Drawing inspiration from the aviator’s helmet and the hydroplane floaters,the upholstery of the GAGO rocking chair displays the inscription “1922, 8383 kms” on its back, commemorating this momentousmilestone in aeronautics.

The Cork fabric

Cork fabric is a unique, eco-friendly vegan alternative to leather and other commonly used fabrics. It’s waterproof, soft to the touch, abrasion resistant, tough and durable, antibacterial and hygienic. It’s a distinctive material, harnessing the material qualities of cork, while maintaining its natural beauty and durability.

Details of DAM’s special edition GAGO chair

This fabric is free of substances that could harm the environment or health and is easy to clean. Now, do you know that cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree and is harvested every nine years from the cork oak, without cutting down its trunk? The cork oak is the only tree whose bark is self-regenerating, and can be harvested about 17 times over 200 years. Extracting cork is a key contribution to the ecological sustainability of the Mediterranean region and does not cause any damage to the environment.

The Burel fabric

Burel Factory is a Portuguese brand, born in Serra da Estrela, dedicated to the preservation and heritage of the industrial heritage that characterizes that same place, its people and its history. The brand ensures the legacy of wool and burel, promoting the mastery of weaving, carding, spinning and weaving on ancestral machines.

DAM’s special edition of the legendary GAGO chair

So, burel is a rustic fabric, made with the purest wool from Serra da Estrela sheep of the Bordaleira type, Churra and Merina. In the past, it dressed and warmed shepherds in Serra da Estrela. Burel stands out for its quality, good thermal performance and appealing visual
appearance. It does not create pills and it is resistant to traction, breakage, pressure and exposure to light, en-during intensive use without changing color and shape.

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