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Child safe blind designs



Silent Gliss are not waiting for the new legislation to be published before acting on child safety. They have launched a child safety device that is integral to the blind or curtain track.

This potentially life-saving device is supplied already on the system when you receive it and requires no additional installation. Unlike other child safety devices on the market, this Silent Gliss product does not need to be fixed to a solid surface so there no need to drill into walls or window frames.


A small price for peace of mind
There is no price that can be put against ensuring your clients home is safe for their children. Likewise, Silent Gliss are keen that the price of such devices should accessible for any family or organisation buying one of their blinds. The Child Safety Device costs just an additional 9.60 (inc VAT) on the price of the blind.



Despite the increasing warnings, young children continue to be killed or injured on curtain and blind cords. In the UK and Ireland, official statistics show that a shocking 29 children have died since 2009 through accidental strangulation by becoming entangled in the operating cords of a window blind.


These tragic incidents have led to new legislation being pushed through Parliament and is due for publication some time later this year.


So how does it work?
Innovative internal mechanisms dictate that should a weight of 6kg or more be applied to the chain or cord, the Silent Gliss Child Safety Device activates causing the main section of the operating chain or cord to break away from the blind or curtain track.


This maximum weight of 6kg is recognised as a cautious estimate of the weight of a 6 month old baby that is able to crawl and pull itself up.


For more information telephone 01843 863571, email info@silentgliss.co.uk or visit www.silentgliss.co.uk


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