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Immerse yourself

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Thibault Van Renne creates his own collections and lends his name to a thriving luxury rug brand. This high-end label, founded in 2006, has proven ambitious with a series of new creations, including the “Immersive” and “Legends” collections, which show an extreme attention to detail and quality. Thibault Van Renne’s design story goes all the way back to the ancient tradition of Oriental rug knot art, to which he was introduced by his father as a child. His work is rooted in a rich tradition, but also aims towards the future. “Legends” boasts a vague familiarity of classic patterns in a sleek, contemporary interpretation. The colours used range from bold, bright shades such as light green, azure and yellow over soft natural tones, to a reference to traditional stone red carpets. The “Immersive” designs were premièred during Domotex. This collection is more than ever a bridge between old and new, classic and modern. The detail in these rugs is so exceptionally elaborated and refined that you actually feel immersed in them. Each fibre exudes detail and shows the layering of two, or up to seven different designs on top of each other. Immersive is performed in a combination of hand-carded, hand-spun wool from Bikaner with hand-spun natural silk of the finest quality. The extreme difficulty of the design pushed the knotters to the limits of their craft. And that’s precisely what Thibault Van Renne is striving for: time and time again pushing the limits of the possible further to create pieces of a controversial beauty.

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